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Current needs:
    NEEDED IMMEDIATELY! (posted 3-1-14) - I need a female with an
artistic eye to help pose me for some really nice, edgy photographs for a new website I'm building. Not sexual but highly sensual.
        Swap time for massage or paying gig
    I have a photographer, a male, that would like to work with me and a younger
female (21-35) in shooting some tasteful contrast (older man/younger women) body shots.
Not sexual but highly sensual. If interested, contact me. Total nudity. 
    A couple (either m/f or f/f ) to help make a DVD on sensual massage to be sold
         through this website; no faces need be shown. One person to work the camera,      the female to be on the
         table getting worked on. Total nudity. Pay or barter for massage.
    A male model to be the "client" for a DVD on Sexual Dysfunction. Total nudity.
         Pay or barter for massage.  Also need female to do the same.
    ALSO needed ASAP - Female exhibitionests - that would like to help with 
         photos for a new "adult" website I'm building. Pay or barter for massage.
         Could be listed under "fun job"!
Email me if interested in any of these and we'll meet at my office a discuss compensation.
PHOTOGRAPHS TO PROMOTE YOU - If you need pictures for anything you are doing, contact me. I have the place to shoot, can use your camera (so you have total control of where the photos go), or we can use my camera without fear of being released.
    Contact me if interested for details.
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